Rohwer Camp, As It Was

Japanese Americans came to Rohwer via train, bus, and truck. 

Road to Rohwer

Everyone crossed the railroad tracks and a bridge over water to get in.

The Camp

The Camp…

“The first day here was a sunny day, which made me homesick for California because it was always sunny there.  After a few weeks, I disliked it more for it was always raining, with mud here and there, and the house was hard to keep clean.  It has been over two months since I came here and I’m hoping they do something about the mud.”

Lillian Hananouchi, Rohwer High School

In the Mud

In the Mud…

Rohwer with water

A daily scene… [National Archives]

People worked hard to keep the place running…

Cutting Wood

Cutting wood… [National Archives]


Harvesting yams… [Densho Digital Archive]


Loading mustard… [Densho Digital Archive]

Harvesting Greens

Harvesting greens… [Densho Digital Archive]


Sewing in the shop… [Arkansas State University]

“As days became weeks, my dad and mom worked so hard to beautify the apartment that we all pitched in just as hard as they did… We are still all pitching in and working together, trying to secure happiness, even in a center [Rohwer] and I believe we are doing quite well.”

Nabuko Hanzawa, Rohwer High School, 1942

Kids were ever present in the Camp.

WWII US Internment 1945

Kindergarten… [Densho Digital Archive]

1st grade

1st Grade… [National Archives]

changing classes

Changing classes at the High School… [Densho Digital Archive]

Study Hall

Study Hall… [National Archives]

“Evacuation wasn’t necessary to me. I guess we have to make the best of it…I hope war ends quickly so we could go home.  Some of my friends said it was unconstitutional. I hope the bad feelings will go away when we get home.”

Roy Kanuda, Rohwer High School, 1942

Going Home…


Boarding the train to go back to Sacramento. [Source: unknown]

Going Home

A mother, whose four sons served in the Army in WWII, says goodbye as she heads back home to California. [National Archives]

“As the radio spokesman announced…that the West Coast was being re-opened, we couldn’t believe it, but we listened tensely… Yes, I really feel excited, but how do I know how my neighbors will treat me when I get back? I surely hope they will treat me like they did during the pre-war days, but you have to expect a few of them to be prejudiced…”

Herbert Yomogida, Rohwer High School

So, we say goodbye to Rohwer.  Later this week, it is on to Arizona, first to Gila River and then to Poston.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Grace and peace to you…

2 Comments on “Rohwer Camp, As It Was

  1. Wonderful sequence of pictures and commentary. Tells an entire 4years in a capsule.


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