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From Manzanar to Minidoka…

Dear friends…  It looks like my journey has drawn to an end.  Not that I will ever cease looking into and thinking about this tragic chapter of American life. Not that I will ever forget the courageous responses of so many Americans who were… Continue Reading “From Manzanar to Minidoka…”

Leaving Minidoka

My trip to Minidoka came to an end as I walked back through the site of the baseball diamond… The field was reconstructed by a team of volunteers, the work of the Friends of Minidoka. How many dreams had been launched on bleachers, watching… Continue Reading “Leaving Minidoka”

The rest of the Journey…

I’m getting ready to visit the last three of the WRA Camps.  I’ll be going to the sites of the former WRA Camps: Minidoka, Idaho, Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and Topaz, Utah. There are three things that remain uppermost in my mind. First, the history… Continue Reading “The rest of the Journey…”

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