Life at Minidoka

These historic photos capture life at Minidoka… In the midst of imprisonment without any legal recourse, these Americans strove to make do. I’ve selected these pictures because they depict a bit of what life was like. Every day life had to go on… and did.

Family Arriving from Tule Lake DDR NA

A family arrives from the Tule Lake Camp [Densho Digital Repository/National Archives]

Preparing Lunch DDR NA

Preparing lunch [DDR/NA]

Little Boys Eating Dinner DDR NA

Little boys eating Christmas dinner [DDR/NA]

Little Girl Near Barracks DDR Frank Kubo Collection

Little girl [DDR/Frank Kubo Collection]

Going to the shower DDR Bain Collection

Going to the shower late at night [DDR/Bain Collection]

5th Grade Class DDR Yasutake Collection

Fifth grade class [DDR/Yakatsuki Collection]

Funeral in Winter DDR Bigelow Collection

Funeral in winter [DDR/Bigelow Collection]

Street Scene DDR Bigelow Collection

A main road through the barracks [DDR/Bigelow Collection]

Mess Hall NPS

A Mess Hall, with the tables set for a special occasion [National Park Service]

“Oh, well… it was very hot and windy and sandy. I mean, sandstorms… And your apartment would just be covered with sand, and at that time I was working in the mess hall and we’d wipe up the tables after everybody got through with breakfast. Well, if there had been a windstorm, we’d come back and the whole place would be all full of dust and sand. Gritty sand so we’d have to wash all the tables again. But that was with us all the time.”

Louise Kashino, Minidoka [Densho Digital Repository]

Shovelling Coal DDR Mitsuoka Collection

Shoveling coal [DDR/Mitsuoka Collection]

Water and Mud Everywhere DDR NA

Water and mud everywhere [DDR/NA]

Next time, we return to photos of Minidoka as it is today… see you then!

Grace and peace,




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