Poston Today: Pilgrims

Just across the highway from the Monument, on Poston Road, is a parcel of land that the Poston Community Alliance is working to turn into an active historical site. This is where the second part of the Pilgrimage took place.  We were all bused to the grounds and then set free to tour the area, with folks available for interpretation. Dianne Kiyomoto, one of the leaders of the Poston Community Alliance, graciously explained what was there.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes donated 3.7 acres for the “Poston Restoration Area.”   The Camp 1 Elementary School at one time occupied the two acres. The buildings (built by the internees out of un-reinforced adobe bricks which they made by hand) were later used by the Tribes (who added the concrete walkways).  The Poston Community Alliance (former internees, their families, and friends) and the Colorado River Indian Tribes will work together to develop the site as a historical resource.

Poston Restoration Area

Here are pictures from the Pilgrimage to the Camp site.

Pilgrims Abound

Pilgrims abound!

The Visitor Center

This former school building will become the Visitors Center.

The Barracks

This barracks will be restored to show how people were housed at Poston.

Walking the length of the site

Walking the length of the site…

Auditorium 01

In the center of the historic restoration site looms the remains of the Camp 1 Elementary School Auditorium.  The Poston Community Alliance hopes to complete some form of restoration.  On the Pilgrimage, it was a magnet, with people exploring inside and out what was an important, central feature of the Camp.

Auditorium 04

Exploring the interior.

Auditorium 03

Continuing on…

Auditorium Reflecting


In the end, all Pilgrims were left to pause, to reflect upon their past, their experiences, and what they would bring forward with them from this Pilgrimage.

Next up, a reflection upon People of Hope… more precisely, Two Peoples of Hope, walking and working together.

Thanks for continuing with me on the journey.

Grace and peace,


2 Comments on “Poston Today: Pilgrims

  1. Glad you are doing this Art. I am afraid I would be too emotional, to have to walk through those walls, remembering what my parents must have experienced. My parents were such strong, determined, and resilient to protect their three children.



  2. Roy, many of the family Pilgrims were pretty emotional on site, moving about quietly. It was a sacred moment and place. I can only imagine the courage, sacrifice, and wisdom of your parents and all the parents who made it possible for their children to live fully into the future.


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